The Campaign

  • Who is the Swim Reaper? The Swim Reaper serves as a grim reminder of the dangers lurking in the water when people make reckless decisions. He embodies the potential deadly consequences of poor choices in aquatic environments, urging young people to pause and think before taking risks.
  • Where does the Swim Reaper lurk? You’ll find the Swim Reaper haunting high-risk beaches, lakes, rivers, and waterways across New Zealand, targeting young individuals prone to making risky decisions. Through geotargeted messages on platforms like Instagram and strategic signage at locations with a history of drownings, the campaign aims to intercept at-risk groups.
  • Why is Water Safety New Zealand leading the Swim Reaper campaign? With an average of 105 drowning deaths annually in New Zealand, and a staggering 75 of them preventable, Water Safety New Zealand is on a mission to curb these numbers, especially among young males aged 15-34. By leveraging the Swim Reaper, the campaign highlights the deadly consequences of poor water-related decisions.
  • How many lives are lost to drowning each year in New Zealand? Every year, an average of 105 individuals succumb to drowning in New Zealand, with 75 of these deaths avoidable.
  • Promoting responsible behavior around water The Swim Reaper campaign underscores the importance of responsible behavior around water bodies. While it encourages enjoying the country’s picturesque swimming spots, it also serves as a stark reminder of the potential deadly outcomes of reckless actions.
  • Who is driving this initiative? Water Safety New Zealand, in collaboration with funding from ACC, spearheads this campaign. Together, these organizations aim to mitigate the high number of water-related fatalities and injuries among young males in New Zealand.