Water Safety Codes

  • Schools: Resources tailored for early childhood education, primary and secondary schools, and management of school pools.
  • Activities: Guidance for swimming, boating, underwater activities, recreational fishing, accidental immersion, water sports, and commercial water activities.


  • Aquatic Education: Resources aimed at educating individuals about water safety.
  • Attitudes & Behavior: Insights into understanding and influencing behavior around water safety.


  • Beaches: Safety tips and guidelines specific to beach environments.
  • Domestic & Farms: Information on water safety practices for domestic settings and farms.
  • Home Pools: Guidelines for maintaining safety in residential swimming pools.
  • Inland Still Waters: Safety considerations for lakes and other inland water bodies.
  • Offshore: Safety measures for activities conducted in offshore waters.
  • Public Pools: Safety protocols for public swimming pools.
  • Rivers: Guidelines for safety in river environments.
  • Tidal Waters: Safety precautions for tidal areas.

Floatation Devices

Cultural: Resources tailored to different cultural groups in New Zealand, including New Zealand European, Maori, Pacific Peoples, Asian & Indian, and other ethnicities.

Drowning Statistics

These resources from Water Safety New Zealand offer valuable advice and information to enhance awareness and behavior regarding water safety in various settings and activities.