Swim Reaper

About Swim Reaper

Meet the Swim Reaper, the chilling embodiment of the dangers lurking in the waters. Here, we’re not just about fun in the sun; we’re about raising awareness and promoting safety to ensure everyone enjoys our beautiful swimming spots responsibly. Dive into our resources, campaigns, and initiatives to learn how to stay safe and make informed decisions in and around the water.

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Discover a wealth of water safety advice, guidelines, and information tailored to different environments, activities, and cultural backgrounds. Whether you’re a beach lover, a river explorer, or a recreational swimmer, we’ve got you covered with tips to keep you safe.

The Swim Reaper Campaign

Learn about our impactful campaign aimed at intercepting risky behaviors and preventing drownings, especially among young individuals. Find out where the Swim Reaper lurks, how we reach at-risk groups, and the importance of making smart decisions around water.


  • RIPS ARE RAD Calm spots on surf beaches? More like free rides to the bottom of the sea. Just remember to pack your own oxygen, because you’re fresh out.
  • NO PEEKING Jumping into lakes and rivers without looking? Not the smartest move. There’s probably a log lurking beneath the surface, just waiting for you.
  • HUG A ROCK Rocks may seem soft, but swim too close and you’ll get a face full of reality. Ouch!
  • KILLER THREADS Not into swimwear? Throw on some jeans. Just be ready for a cardio workout as you struggle to keep afloat.
  • SWIM DRUNK Mixing alcohol and swimming? That’s a recipe for disaster. Stick to the sand if you’re going to knock back a few.