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Rivers turning bad

After a low of 10 drownings in rivers five years ago, sadly 24 people lost their life to drowning in rivers in 2016 with the majority being young people.

Crazy but true, rivers are the most hazardous of water spots. They can run swiftly, have hidden snags and logs, whirl pools and rocks. They're not generally patrolled and isolated swimming holes mean there may not be help at hand when you really need it. Rain and terraine contribute to the hazards with many New Zealand rivers running extremely swiftly because of the share amount of water running off mountains and high country into ravines and gorges.

River sense means accident prevention. Most river accidents and drownings are the result of a combination of poor planning and equipment (a dodgy kayak or inflatable) and just plain ignorance. Combined with tricky terraine and swift currents, the swim reaper could be lurking just around that next bend!

Always swim with a mate at the river!



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